Our Story


Making gifts matter through capturing memories, sharing stories and preserving moments.



We believe in the power of relationships, in the power of communication and self-expression and in the power of making and sharing memories.

We are passionate about enriching the lives of our customers, helping them to enjoy enhanced relationships with loved ones as well as themselves.


We create beautiful, high quality and emotive gifts designed to help people reflect and feel closer to those who matter to them. These are gifts that feel good to give and even better to receive.

In this hectic world, our products make it easy for families and friends to capture and share precious stories and memories, as well as create special moments together, not leaving things unsaid or letting them go undiscovered.

Our gifts are for that special occasion and beyond, as they will be treasured for many years to come. Many can be personalised to create something unique and individual.


We are a family-run company with relationships at the heart of what we do.

We listen to our team, our customers, the gift industry and the wider world.

We design products that spark emotion and engagement.

We inspire our customers to understand how our products can improve their relationships with others.

We prompt the creation of a legacy of memories to be retold, relived and passed down. 

We endeavour to make our products look their best in all the places people will buy them.

We look after our customers and always strive for exemplary service.

We care about our team and want to build solid and supportive relationships with the people and companies we work with.

We are environmentally conscious, producing products that are designed to be cherished for years to come using sustainably sourced paper and recyclable packaging as well as minimising waste.


Our values go across everything we do, whether that is our products and what they stand for, or how we behave with customers, partners, suppliers and each other as a team. 

  • Relationships – we are inspired by human connection
  • Impact – we seek to make a difference to the lives of others
  • Innovation – we find new ways
  • Sharing – we embrace the power of communication
  • Customer Focus – we always have the customer in mind


You might like to watch this video about what inspired Neil to create the initial products and set up the company 


Managing Director, Neil, was caring for his ill father when it struck him that there was so much that had been left unsaid and undiscovered about his father’s life. A keen public interest in family history was evident with the success of genealogy websites & the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are programme. However, Neil recognised that it is less easy to find interesting facts and stories about the names featured on your family tree. 

Asking questions that you’ve never thought to ask, telling stories you’ve never had the chance to tell, as well as the cathartic nature of writing, all inspired Neil to create FROM YOU TO ME and the first products, Dear Mum & Dear Dad were born. A thousand copies were printed to test the market and these were sold through two local shops and an early company website. These journals sold out within two weeks and, following great feedback, the business vision was created and our story really began.

Together with Director & Company Secretary, Helen, and a great team of employees and partners, FROM YOU TO ME has, over the last 15 years grown significantly and expanded the product range and introduced them to many countries around the world.

Our Studio is in Wiltshire in the UK with warehousing and distribution facilities in the UK and USA. Distribution partners are based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and France with many licensees around the world. If you are interested in working with us to sell, license or distribute our titles or simply partner with us in some way, please contact us. You might even have a proposal for a new gift! We are very open to new ideas.