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Forward Thinking is a 52-week diary to inspire you to write down your plans and hopes, thoughts and reflections on your day, week, month and year. Drawing on fascinating research into wellbeing and happiness, the diary offers ideas and exercises to help you thrive and flourish, to live the life you wish to lead.

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 You can start the diary on any day of the year, to coincide with a fresh start and a desire to change your life.


This journal is hard back, case-bound, size 207mm x 143mm with 120 pages.The paper used is manufactured from pulp sourced from forests that are legally and sustainably managed.

Designed in the UK.

Research into wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment.

Forward Thinking is a personal diary with a difference. It draws on leading edge research on wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. It is designed to and helps promite a positive view of life.

Many people believe they will be happy and feel fulfilled when they are rich, married, promoted, etc. However, if you add up the external factors that you believe bring happiness and wellbeing (for example, money, status, body image, marriage, possessions) they account for no more that 15% of the variance in life satisfaction. The 85% is based on how you deal with your life.  Happiness and wellbeing is not about what happens to you but how you choose to respons to what happens.

This  diary helps focus on the 85% and the 15%. In other words, it can help raise your self-awareness, your mindset and mindfulness. It can help you plan and review how your life is unfolding and help you make positive differences to your life.

It is a great self-help diary that will aid your personal development.


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